Loon Capture Vehicle Dumped in Sweeney Lake — A Plea for Help!

2015-06-28 10.34.31

Many of you are not in a position to help, but to those folks who live in or near our study area: we are in a bind.

We had a mishap this morning with the Chapman vehicle that we use for both making behavioral observations and — more important — for towing the boat we use to catch and band our birds. With less than two weeks before the capture season begins, we are without a vehicle to do the work.

If anyone knows of a reliable, used vehicle that we can purchase or rent and that can be fitted with a trailer hitch, we would love to hear about it. We will probably figure out some way to solve this problem on our own, if no one can help, but we would appreciate any help you could give us.

Feel free to call me at 949-751-9015 or e-mail me at wpiper@chapman.edu.