Another Loon Hooked on a Fishing Lure

It has been a tough year for loons and fishing. One of our territorial males was hooked in the leg about 12 days ago, and the wound became infected. He was so badly impaired that he had trouble diving and “beached” himself on an island in the lake, as severely injured loons do. About a week ago, we captured him, and Wild Instincts nursed him back to health, treating the wound and feeding him to help him recover lost weight. Although a new male took over his territory, the recovering male is now back on his lake. (The lake is huge, so he will easily be able to use areas not frequented by the territorial pair.) We are hoping that he bounces back just like the male on Lower Kaubashine, who became hooked badly on a lure but was freed by Wild Instincts last year. That male too lost his territory but was strong enough to migrate, return, reclaim his old territory, and produce a chick this year. So happy endings are possible!